Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been doing a lot of quilting over here.
I DID have some quilt tops hanging around
just waiting for their day!
I have a double baby shower coming up.....
Wouldn't want to go empty handed now would we?
The scraps on this little quilt are only 1 1/2" wide.
That's pretty tiny for me!
But I plugged along and I'm glad I did.
Deciding on what binding proved to be a challenge.
So many fabrics I could have used....
so I decided to use a bunch of...

The perfect solution to my dilemma.

I also quilted this one.
I'm afraid I was disappointed with my quilting.
Such a pretty quilt too!!
I almost felt like I'd ruined it.
But, we won't be having a pity party today.

I echoed the boxes going around and around the quilt.
Since I used my free motion foot...
the lines aren't as straight as they could be.
After doing all the work I wanted to go back!
But you can't go back too easily.....
I decided not to go back and redo.

The new mommy will not be a quilt judge...
Or will she?........:)

I did use that cute fish fabric on the back.
As you can see though....
I didn't have quite enough.
That's o.k. I used some scraps.

I'm getting a little better at those pieced backs.

Here's a close up of my "so so" quilting and the binding.
Live and Learn.
Practice, practice, practice.

One funny thing:
Both quilts are exactly the same size! (42")
And I didn't even try!
Just wondering how that happened??


  1. Just let me tell you-I am my own WORST critic. The things that we notice about our own work seem so large and imperfect. No one else even bats an eye at them. I am sure the new mom will LOVE wrapping her babe in these great, hand made with affection quilts!

  2. Your quilts are gorgeous - what lucky babies! Don't be so hard on yourself!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are too hard on yourself - what new mother would not be over the moon to receive such a gift! The quilts are beautiful!

  4. The are both beautiful, and the quilting is perfectly wonky!
    I love your scrappy binding. Did you do them Red Pepper Quilts style by machine? I need to learn how to do that, such a timesaver.

  5. Both so pretty! Thanks for linking up and posting the button on your blog :).

  6. These are great! Love scrappy binding... was just thinking of doing that on one I have in the works... and your right... the mom to be and the little one will not be quilt show judges and they will never even notice the items you see as faults... they will be too wrapped in the love of these quilts!

  7. These are all wonderful! LOVE THEM. Whoever gets them are lucky!

  8. These are beautiful! I've been looking through flickr and saw the strip quilt there and fell in love!

    You win the "Coolest Quilt" of the Friday Finishes award!

  9. these are great...i am blown away by the first that a pattern or something you designed yourself? i love it.

  10. I love a scrappy pieced binding, and it looks great on the baby quilt. Your quilting looks great to me, as does your pieced back! We are always so hard on ourselves! :)

  11. Its beacuse you didn't try that they came out the same size. Imagine if you had tried to make quilts the same size.LOL. The designs look fantastic. Great ideas for baby quilts. I love the cherry backing fabric. It is just so fresh looking.

  12. Look at these TWO wonderful gifts! Great work, really, don't be so hard on your quilting. They both are so neat and creative!!

  13. These both look wonderful! It is hard to be accurate with something so small. I love the scrappy binding! Why use one color?!

  14. ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!!!!!
    ALL of them.....
    I especially love the round and round one...


  15. So, sew sweet. I love both of them.

  16. Oh those are beautiful. Me and my daughter were on the receiving end of a slightly wonky (but not exactly on purpose) quilted quilt and I love it all the more. I can tell that it was made with love, and by hand, and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Your work is gorgeous, and those little babies won't mind one bit!

  17. Those are both fantastic quilts and the recipients will love them.

  18. I think the new moms are not bothering about quilting. They are absolute happy with a gift, made with love. I like them both very much!

  19. They're both beautiful! I don't think there will be any judging -- just happiness to receive such beautiful quilts. I especially love the design of the first quilt. Very Well Done on both!!!

  20. Both quilts are gorgeous! So fresh looking. I think anything goes when it comes to the quilting on a quilt. I have seen some "professionally" done ones that I don't care for at all . . . but yours are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  21. I love that square spiral design in particular. I saw one at a quilt shop, and it's very effective. Sometimes done is truly better than perfect :)

  22. wow Beth! they turned out spectacular! both designs are great and I love the pieced binding!

  23. Wooooo wow....both of these are soooo crazy wonderful! Love em bunches girl...your quilting and all are just great. That new mom will not see anything but the wonderful gift you took the time to create just for her and her new baby!! Good job!!

  24. Both quilts are beautiful, especially the blue one. I find that after a few days, the my quilting looks much better to me. Scrutinizing the stitches up close while quilting gives us a distorted view of how prominent it is in the finished quilt.

  25. Beth, both of these quilts are adorable!!!! The recipients will be so pleased. Your quilting looks great to me. I'm with Leslie and would like to know if you designed the first quilt or is it from a pattern? Thanks for sharing.

  26. The spiral quilt is beautiful! Don't be so harsh on yourself, you've done a great job :)

  27. I really like both these quilts, and love the pieced binding! They are great for using up the leftovers, but also look so pretty! Very critical of myself, also, but I don't think everyone else catches our mistakes like we do! =)


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