Monday, March 29, 2010

home again.

Here's my unfinished traveling companion.
This little "placematforthemiddleofthetable"
kept me busy on the plane when I wasn't watching a movie...
and in the very few moments I had of quiet time while I was away.

I took some embroidery floss and beads...
and doodled away on this pretty fabric.
I think I'll leave it unfinished in the middle of my table
and take it along next time I head to a waiting room.
Seems like I'm in waiting rooms quite frequently.

Here's the reason I didn't get too much done.
This girl kept me busy!!
And what a fun busy it was!!!
There were tennis matches, friends to meet,
restaurants to explore....
She even arranged a shopping date with a
very creative wife of one of the professors
while she took exams!

What a treat!!!

I really had to limit purchases.

You all know how airline travel is these days!

But that didn't stop me from getting some
super cute fat quarters!
Who could resist these?


  1. I LOVE what you are doing with that mat! Just beautiful! I'm glad you had such a special trip :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! The little table-topper-thingie is adorable.

  3. It sounds like you had a busy and fun trip?
    I like the goodies you brought back..and that table mat is gorgeous! I used that center fabric in a project and it's one of my favorites. So clever of you to embellish it. :)

  4. Nice goodies there beth. You done good!

  5. Beautiful handwork on your table topper, what a great idea! Cute fat quarter too, I bet you had a blast -

  6. Great picture of you and your daughter. You both have beautiful smiles.


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