Thursday, March 25, 2010

travel kit.

I'm going away for a long weekend with my daughter!
Sewing supplies are a high priority as I pack!
I can't take a sewing machine along....:(
so I'll have to make do with handwork!
I love the ability at home to move from one project to another
and to have all my supplies handy.
I sure hope I'm remembering everything I need!
The project above represents a
LONG TERM commtiment.
Here it is so far.
All those circles will eventually have to be joined together...
somehow or other!!
I might get tired of working on that one
so I'm bringing a no brainer
for the middle of my kitchen table.
What do you call it when it's
~smaller than a table runner
~ the size of a placement
~used in the middle of the table

One pretty piece of fabric....
a simple border.....

And lots of embellishments to doodle with!
I'm ready.

See you in a few days!
Wonder if I'll come home with some loot??!


  1. Wow, I love that circle project you are working on. I know it's a lot of work, but it will be totally worth it, because it will be gorgeous! Stephanie

  2. Oh...Oh.....I spent 40 minutes reading the tutorial on that Josephs Coat.....I love it...but oh my...some of it seams difficult!!
    I put it on my 'want to do list' anyway!!
    I know yours is going to be just great!!!
    You two gals have fun!!

  3. Have a great time with your important those times are. Love the fabric in that placemat thingy. ENJOY!!

  4. Love your colours and those petals should keep you busy for a wee while ... :o)

  5. Have a lovely trip, Beth! I'm sure you'll come home with something new quilting stuff.-)

  6. Have a great weekend Beth. I usually take handwork too when I travel.

  7. Enjoy your trip. These are two great projects. I've got a long-term hand pieced project too, though I haven't looked at it in a couple of years. It's VERY long term.

  8. Great handwork projects! You look so prepared! Have a wonderful time!

  9. I love following Joseph's Coat. It fun to see the different fabrics and colors everyone is using. Love the modern earthiness in your fabrics/colors.


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