Saturday, December 26, 2009

quilting bee

I received a little package in the mail the day before Christmas!
Some pretty strips and....
Cute little pieces of focus fabric.

Melissa sent these out to the participants in the
Modern Quilting Bee.

This is my very first online bee and let me tell you...
it's sure not easy making blocks for someone else!
I second-guessed myself the whole time I was sewing.

Melissa requested wonky log cabins.
Are these "wonky" enough?

The title of her quilt: "what a girl needs"
I look forward to seeing what the other
quilters come up with!
And then one of these months it will be
my turn to request something.
What will it be???


  1. OH ME OH MY.....I am just Ga Ga over your
    'wonky' blocks...!!!! These are just great!!
    Ya dun good!!!

  2. You did an awesome job Beth on Melissa's blocks!! She will love them!

  3. Oh I love them! They are beautiful!

  4. I love wonky and these are awesom wonkyness!!! Love the focus pieces, how did you get an invite? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may New Years be great for you! Come visit me at my blog sometime! Wonky works!!!!!!!!!!!!! Em

  5. they look great Beth! She sent such cute fabrics, it's hard to go wrong with them!

  6. I like your blocks. I joined two online quilting bees for 2010, and I'm already starting to feel just little uneasy about making blocks for someone else.... I'm sure it will be a lot of fun when I just get over myself :).


  7. I'm one of your hive mates in this bee and like you, I am a rookie.....and totally agree with the second guessing statement. I think you've done an outstanding job!
    Also want to comment on your tag post from a few days back.......what a great idea.

  8. Love the wonky blocks! How fun!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


  9. Love these! They look so cute, weren't those the most adorable fabrics?


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