Monday, December 7, 2009

Kaffe color

In this little quilt I think the fabric does
ALL the work!
Most of it is from the designer Kaffe.
I used a template to cut the shapes.
Sewed them up and made one block...
over and over again.
If I had purchased more of that lovely fabric,
Maybe I'd have made a larger quilt.
Maybe not....those little blocks were a little tricky.
This one hangs on the wall where I enjoy it
all year long.
I have now decided the walls have enough QUILTS.
My family agrees.:)


  1. No, no, never enough quilts! ;o)

    This one is very attractive.

  2. I love this block pattern - what is it called?? I've been seeing it everywhere and while it is probably beyond my skill level, I would like to try it in the future.... Your wall quilt is beautiful!

    And I agree with Mama Pea - never enough. :-)

  3. so pretty Beth! is that the vintage circle quilt pattern? I soooo need to make one!

  4. sorry friends! I took a class and made the template with cardboard...I don't know the name of the pattern. :(

  5. I believe that is a Wheel of Mystery pattern Beth. Very nice! --Marilyn

  6. Great quilt! Took a quick look through your blog. You've got love creations here... Great tutorials! 8-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog Beth!
    Happy stitchings!

  7. Once the walls are covered, you then start making more so you can swap them out and rotate them depending upon mood or season. I have one spot by the back door that has a half dozen quilts specifically for right there. See? Built-in excuse to keep cranking them out. As if you were going to

  8. Beautiful quilt here Beth, and no, you can never have enough quilts, just have seasonal ones so you can swap them!!! Love the Kaffe's xo

  9. Those blocks DO look a little tricky. Turned out very nice, though.

  10. ....Oh ouchee...ouchee!!! This little quilt
    is s-o-o-o cute it is hurting me!!!

  11. That little quilt is wonderful. The fabrics are yummy!


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