Monday, December 21, 2009

pineapples & Chocolate

Wish I could say I made this.
But I can't.
My friend Linda made all these little pineapple blocks
by paper pieceing them using LOTS of scraps.
Have I said before...I like scraps??
She put them together and is now working on the
appliqued border.
I'll try to show it to you when she's done.
Isn't it wonderful??
Yes. I think so too.

Instead of pineapples, I was making these.
Problem #1
How do you drizzle white chocolate?
I see I'm pretty good at

Problem #2


  1. OMG, tell your friend, I LOVE her quilt top. It is gorgeous. Is there a pattern for that? And I love your loaves, they look yummy.

  2. The pinapple top is just amazing, and your chocolate cakes look yummy! Drizzling or globbing - it all tastes good when it comes to chocolate...

  3. wow! that quilt top is amazing! and the cake looks scrumptious! and I dont think it really matters how the drizzles look because it all goes in to the tummy anyways :)


  4. I can so appreciate and enjoy your friend's pineapple quilt top. Just don't ask ME to make one! (Have I ever mentioned I hate paper piecing? Yup, I do.)

    This year I discovered that making all my goodies as far in advance as I did wasn't the brightest idea. Too many of them disappeared right away!

  5. Wow -- your friend's quilt is gorgeous! And no one usually cares how sweets look, as long as they taste good :).



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