Friday, November 27, 2009

Lots to share today!

I'm finally showing you my little chair.
I finished this about a month ago and just never posted about it.
I hung it in the hall....right outside my laundry room.
It makes me smile.
This little quilt (art quilt?) took a lot of time.
Why didn't I use steam a seam and machine quilt???
But..... NO!
I had to hand applique and hand quilt it!!!
Don't ask me why.
Here's some of the stitches. You can see I'm not an expert at
that hand quilting!!
Every little or big quilt is an adventure...
and each time I think I get a little better at it.
I have a little rescue effort that goes on at my house...

This box of squares.
some of them are mine...but MOST were given to me.
They sit under a bed...waiting!!!
When I want some mindless stitching I pull them out.

I liked this peacock fabric.
So I pulled a bunch of squares that I thought went with it.

And came up with this.
It all came out of that box!!
I think those little squares are so happy to be out in the sunshine!
And, I like the "quirky" way it turned out!

Then I've been working on these little squares.
I really like that OLD gray fabric!!

Here are some fabrics that I found in my stash.
There were not enough squares in that box
that really matched the pinks and gray!
Can you believe it??

Now I have to cut some more squares!

You can see that my Quilt Tops are piling up!
I haven't QUILTED a quilt for a while..
One of these days I'll do it.

And last but not least....
Still working away on my Joseph's coat.

I enjoyed doing some of the basting around the outside edges
while talking to family and friends after the big meal yesterday!

I'm going to add this to amy's sew and tell!


  1. Love the chair unusual! I love making something quick, especially when it turns out so cute....your orphan squares quilts!

  2. Love the chair -- and it is an art quilt. The handwork on it adds to its charm. Love the project that came out from under the bed, and your Joseph's coat is looking fabulous!

  3. I am in love with your chair quilt, Beth; your hand quilting looks pretty good to me!
    Looks like you have a little treasure chest right there under your bed. Squares are so much fun to play with and arrange in different combinations, and go together so quickly.

  4. Wow, what a busy girl! I'm a squares lover, too. Butt he Joseph's Quilt, it is so pretty on everyone's blog, yours, too!

  5. I really like your chair quilt and I believe it that it took a long time.

  6. Wow and wow on all that you got finished in such a short amount of time! I love the chair quilt! Sew happy and cheerful.

    The peacock fabric blocks are awesome and the Joseph's Coat is to die for! Thanks sew much for sharing them with us!


  7. Your Joseph quilt is gorgeous. I have one of those on my 'one'day' list.

    I love your chair quilt. You are right every quilt (big or small) is an adventure.

    Thanks for sharing all your amazing quilts.

  8. Your little chair quilt is a work of art! If I had done it, I would smile every time I saw it, too!

    There is something about the fabrics in your Joseph's Coat quilt that is so attractive. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  9. I am tired just reading about all you worked on this week! The chair is so fun! love it! and love all your little blocks and how they are coming together! and Mama Pea said exactly what I was thinking about the Joseph's Coat... there is something about the fabric you are using... the sum is greater than the parts... it is fabulous!

  10. Oh I just love your blog. Thanks for visiting me so I could find you! Sounds like you are a very busy woman. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Wow, you've been busy! Love your choice of color combinations. :)

  12. That chair quilt is nothing short of genius...I love everything about it and am so happy you have it hanging in your home to remind you of how clever and creative YOU are! Thanks for sharing!

  13. You have been busy! I don't know which I like the best, but that chair quilt is adorable:) So creative.

  14. i love your chair quilt. i would smile whenever i passed it too.

  15. Wow, that chair quilt is the bomb! Glad you're using all those squares.

  16. I love them all!!! You did a great job on the chair applique & quilting and if you're anything like me you'll enjoy looking at it that much more because of all the hard work! I love your Joseph's coat, I can't wait to see it finished!

  17. Oh girl...your little chair is 'to die for'!!!
    I just love to come over here and get inspired
    by your cute postings and quilty goodness!! I
    can't believe I got so behind on what you've
    been doing....but I'm all caught up now!!!
    Congrats on your 100th!!!

  18. WOW! i really like the quilt in the last photo!! Does the block have a name? Must have taken ages.

  19. your mini chair quilt is wonderful. I love all the hand stitching on it. And your jacob's quilt is looking great.

  20. So much goodness to see today!! I am in love with your Joseph's coat. The fabrics really come alive and I can't stop looking at your little chair quilt. I've never attempted so much piecing. Maybe next year??? Yeah we'll see.....Great post!

  21. OMG, your chair quilt is so precious, I just love it. I'm sure glad it has a prominent place in your home where it can be appreciated...(if not, you can send it here and I'll for sure find a place!) Looks like your Joseph's coat will be spectacular too. Can't wait to see it finished.


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