Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i spy

These I spy quilts were popular a while back.
Guess what I still had in my drawer...
waiting to be finished???
The copyright on the pattern is from 2000...
so that gives you some idea.
All the hexagons were cut and had those
little triangles added.
All I had to do was sew them in rows...
a cinch!!!
Why, oh why did I wait?
I always feel like I'm on a rescue mission when I take these UFOs
out of my cupboard or drawer.
Maybe I've read way too many children's books in my lifetime.
Didn't it turn out nice??

I think it will be a Christmas present for a little girl I know.
She and her brother can play I SPY in the car.

And, as I was working on this disappearing 9 patch last night,
I thought that 2" border fabric with sewing scissors motif was the right color.

I sewed it on first thing this morning and
lo and I was pressing it...
it's not the right color turquoise AT ALL!

Blame it on nighttime...
bad lighting....???

Soooo, guess what I'm doing today?!!!


  1. I just recently saw an I-Spy quilt!
    They are such a cute idea! I love yours. It's a lot less cluttered than the other one I saw.

  2. It always feels good to work on those UFOs! And I do remember when those I-Spy quilts were so popular. You're kids will love it!

  3. Somehow I must have missed the "I Spy" quilts but I sure do like the looks of yours. Really cute.

    As far as your wrong color border? Haven't we all done that? And usually late at night (like you did) when our color senses have already said goodnight. But you know you'll be much, much happier by ripping it off and using another fabric. (#$@%*!)

  4. Love the I Spy Quilt! What a great idea.

    I feel your pain on getting well aquainted with the seam ripper, but agree it is time well spent. This quilt is going to be a beauty and would hate for it to live in the closet because you dislike the border.


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