Wednesday, November 11, 2009

red, white and blue

Here's one of my unfinished projects.
Last year I spent HOURS cutting up some plaid shirts.
It's SOOOO much easier cutting fabric that does not
have all those little buttons and seams in the way.
I still have more blocks to make....
I'm trying to decide how I'm going to lay out the blocks.
Should I put some off-white strips between the blocks??
or make another kind of block that alternates with these???
I'm stuck....

Today I'll quilt this top for a donation.
PERFECT color of Veteran's Day!!

after dropping some things off at the dry cleaners this week
I noticed my dry cleaner's pin cushions.
They were OLD and SAD.

Sam, the dry cleaner, is the BEST small business owner I know.
He knew my name after my FIRST visit, years ago.
That really impressed me!
Amazing what it means to you, when someone knows you
Even though I live in a busy city....
it feels like a small town in businesses like Sam's.

This little pincusion shirt goes to Sam.


  1. Awesome quilt -- and a great new pincushion for Sam! Very thoughtful of you :).

  2. Brth, I love the fact you are so "green" with your recycled blue quilt. Yea! Cute pincushion as well.

  3. Both quilts are nice as is. I am sure Sam is just going to love that pin cushion.

  4. Quilts look great. Love that pincushion and I'm sure Sam will be overwhelmed.

  5. I see your plaid shirt quilt blocks separated by sashing. That would make each individual block stand out and be seen on its own, no?

    Oh, Beth, if only we all took the time to do the nice little things you do for other people! Sam's pincushion is beyond adorable!

  6. I love those plaid shirt blocks. hmm, maybe some sashing would be a nice separation measure.

  7. Any possibility the shirt pincushion could be a tutorial? LOVE IT!


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