Monday, October 26, 2009


I bought a new machine (toy) this weekend.
Isn't she beautiful?
It doesn't look like she's ever been used!
Her inauguration quilt is thoroughly
I joined a quiltalong with Victoria who said this
quilt was easy...
so I thought I'd give it a try!

The inspiration fabric.

One quilt block.

A whole bunch of quilt blocks!
And my new machine just hummed along.
She had been waiting for years to make a quilt...
I just RUSHED her into the future.
Hope she wasn't too sad that the first quilt wasn't a classic..
You know...You don't know what sewing machines
dream about when they're not busy.
I bet she WASN'T dreaming about the
waverunner quilt I've got her working on!!!


  1. Ha! What fun! your inspiration fabric had a hay day in your wavey stripes!

  2. What a cute little darling. I think she has just been waiting to make a modern quilt. Your waverunner looks great.
    have fun with your new gal!

  3. How exciting! You're sure to love your new featherweight! It's absolutely the BEST for piecing. I have had mine for just 2 years and use it so often. The little girl makes such nice seams and the big girl sewing machine takes care of the quilting! My friend just gave me a second featherweight this weekend and it is to be gifted to my Mom who has been searching for one since the day I got mine! My mom is going to be so surprised!

  4. Love those new toys. And you waverunner is looking very nice.

  5. What a find! A real beauty. There are certainly advantages to living in a populated area. You have a chance of finding gems like this. (Okay, I'm jealous. A little. A lot. A whole lot.) ENJOY!

  6. Love your Waverunner. And what a perfect project to break in your "new" toy!

  7. Lovely little lady you have there! and she was more than up for the challenge of a modern quilt. Your WaveRunner is fabulous - love your color selection and your inspiration fabric!

  8. Your inspiration fabric is fantastic! Are you going to use it for the backing fabric! Isn't this a fun quilt project!

  9. you are funny. it is ironic that an old machine pieced up such a modern quilt. your machine looks like a beauty!


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