Monday, October 5, 2009

five inch fun!

Here's my donation to Margaret's hope chest.
There was a note about this worthy cause on
Amanda Jean's blog and I joined in!
It IS I hope that the little girl receiving this
will enjoy the bright colors.
I'm hoping to quilt it today and send it off soon!

I had a lot of 5" squares already cut.
This block was my inspiration for ALL that color!
I didn't realize it would turn out so GREEN...
but I think I like it. :)

And here's WHY I wanted to give a quilt.
This quilt was given to me.
When I graduated from high school and set off for college,
the ladies at my church gave me this wonderful gift!
I loved having this on my bed as I moved away from
home and all that was familiar.
It gave me a lot of comfort and is probably the biggest reason
I like to give quilts to people.

Aren't all those colors wonderful?

You can see some of that retro fabric!

Let's all join in and give a quilt to someone.
It sure will make their day!


  1. A sweet post. What goes around, comes around! Pretty, cheerful quilt.

  2. I love stuff like this and the way that random colors will just pop. Well done!

  3. Beth, both quilts are wonderful. See you Thursday. --Marilyn

  4. what a great quilt that you are sending off! and an equally great quilt that you got when you went off to college. i love when the quilting bug keeps being forwarded on that way. :)


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