Tuesday, October 13, 2009

outgoing mail.

I'm going to the post office today bearing gifts.
Remember this quilt?

I quilted it and now it's all ready to go!

I saw this project in blogland and wanted to participate!
The button for this project is there on the right.

And listen....I can't tell you how excited I was to
finally figure out how to get those buttons onto my blog!

Then, remember this?

My sister-in-law's birthday is Saturday.
So-o-o since I was productive last month...
I can send a gift!

Usually when birthdays come around...they sneak up on me.
And then.....I don't have time to make something.
I now have a couple of things waiting in the wings.
I hope she'll enjoy getting this as much as I will
enjoy sending it. Don't you just love giving quilted gifts?

And last but not least.
Two little somethings for my daughter who's away at college.
I'm in Southern California and she's in beautiful Georgia.

I bought some christmas fabric with those little santas.
I cut the little santas out and used some other christmans fabrics
to make those little flags.

Would you call this a banner?

I think she might like hanging this in her dorm room
or over her door.

Lots of pictures...because I think it's so cute!

I added those little triangles at the bottom of the santas too.
I like it!

I was on a roll!
If I make a banner for christmas....
I can make a banner for thanksgiving too!
Not quite as CUTE....but I think it'll work.

Here they are together.
I think they'll fit very nicely into a little padded envelope.

Can't wait to get to the post office....
I'll be dreaming of
THREE happy people opening packages.


This is my other dream today.
What do I do with this vintage fabric I picked up
at a recent quilting class.

It WAS old and had those brown age spots.
I washed it real good and can hardly see those spots anymore.
SO now....what do I do with it?
What a HAPPY dream that is!



  1. Oh yes, I do love giving quilted gifts! Those banners are so cute; I'm sure they will brighten your daughter's room at college.

  2. You are one wild, crazy, fabric-loving lady! How do you get it all done??

    I think handmade gifts are the very best of all gifts.

  3. Beth, thanks for the quilt-can't wait to give it to a happy little girl! Also, thanks for helping us get the word out about our project!
    Carin from Margaret's Hope Chest

  4. wow! I just back from the post office and I have a thank you note already!!! that is too funny! Hope it arrives safely to you!

  5. Your quilt is so cheery! I see it's headed to Michigan. I'm about 8 hours North of it's desitnation though.
    The banner is a GREAT idea. I'm sure your daughter and her friends will enjoy it.

  6. Isn't it great fun to dream, then create, then ooooh and aaaaahhh over it, and then get to hand it to someone as a gift? I love it! Your daughter is going to love that joyful banner! Thanks for the cheer on my blog. You know, I ended up keeping that quilt and displaying it across a chair for fall. I just couldn't give away that lesson in perseverance! Now I just have to make a new quilt for the preemie before Thursday!!!

  7. I'm sure your daughter will love that holiday banner! I sent little things to my kids when they were in college and they were always so appreciative. It really is adorable!

  8. Way to go participating in the charity! I just heard about it on craftsanity this weekend and I'm hoping I can get one made too.

  9. Oh what lovely gifties! I just heard about it - hoping I can get something made this weekend.


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