Wednesday, October 7, 2009

table topper

Here's what I made today.
I wanted something kind of small for my kitchen table.
The picture is taken outside so that I get good lighting.:)

It was super easy.
And it's always nice to finish a project in ONE sitting!
I'm thinking of making them for family and friends
for Christmas...
with Christmas fabric, of course!
I tried some free motion quilting.
See the leaves?
Not sure that black was the right thread color.
But, that's what I had on the machine....
and's so much easier to use what's already there!

Here's the back.
I did NOT use batting.
Just flannel on the back.
It's nice and light and....
Thinking about doing a tutorial with the
Christmas fabric on my blog...
What do you think?


  1. Looks great. Can just imagine it is Christmas fabrics. Tut would be good.

  2. Yes! Go for it. 'Twould be great for Christmas presents . . . or hostess gifts to give during the holidays. Great gift for teachers. Gosh, nearly any female you know!

    I like the fact that it's smallish . . . good size.

    Now I'm all the more bummed I didn't get to quilt at all today. :o(

  3. Way too cute Beth!! Yes....I think EVERYONE
    should have to do a tutorial sometime in their

  4. Yes please; a tutorial would be great! Very nice table topper!

  5. A tutorial would be wonderful! I do like your leaves:)


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