Thursday, August 27, 2009

not about quilting...

...except to show you my progress on this.
I didn't have enough of any of that border fabric....
so I had to piece it...
Today, I'll try to think of some applique ideas!
This post is really about cooking.
On a quilting blog?


In order to quilt 24/7
You have to cook!

Next week I will be quilting NON-stop
near Monterey at a quilting camp called

I'm very excited about going!
What a great birthday gift....huh?
I need to cook lots of good food for my family
so that NEXT time
They will be HAPPY to let me
go away for a WHOLE week to quilt!

First I'll make some meatballs and noodles.
They can heat it up!

Next, I'll cook some chicken.
There's lots of things to do with chicken.
easy things.
freezable things.

On the hottest day of the year in southern california

I am cooking........and freezing.

Here's some chicken and chips.
cooked chicken
black beans
cream of chicken soup, 1/2 C sour cream, little salsa - mixed

do it again.



Here it is right before the freezer.
I did pop this one in the oven for 20 minutes first.

Here's the chili:

Ground turkey
onion and zucchini
kidney beans
chili powder
crushed tomatoes.

heat and serve with cornbread!

Had to add some zucchini.
When you have zucchini in the garden....
it comes out of your ears and
you put it in everything.....right?

And so EASY!

BBQ chicken sandwiches!
some of that Cooked chicken
and a bottle of BBQ sauce.
heat and serve on french rolls.

Here's what I DON'T
have to do for a
WHOLE week!


  1. Thanks for the great, easy meal ideas...I think I'll go ahead and use some of them myself! You are such a hardworking wife and mother...I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time at your retreat!

  2. You are truly a fabulous mama. I would leave my brood to fend for themselves. I'd love to hear more about the retreat! How did you find out about it?


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