Wednesday, August 12, 2009

crazy stuff....

Here is some of the CRAZY stuff I buy because I quilt....Lizard Litter? Freezer paper? painters tape?....some people think I'M crazy!
That lizard litter (crushed walnuts) was a little hard to find. Finally found some at Petsmart, but think it may have been cheaper to get it on-line. oh well.
I really wanted to make another pin cushion.
I now I have enough L.litter to make tons of them!
And thanks goes to Julie, who gave us all a hint as to how to find this stuff!
I had to make a sunflower....
because my Dear husband is growing some of these.....

Pretty Huh?


  1. Gorgeous pin cushion! This swap has been so much fun, will have to check yours out, did you join the flickr group? I'm off to check it out....

  2. Hi - I've been a "lurker" here for a while now but had to comment on your sunflower pin cushion. Could it be any cuter? I really like the colors you chose for it. (Tell your husband I like his sunflower, too.)

    Lizard litter for filler?! I've never heard of that before but now plan on getting some. It's bound to be more economical and easier to get than the emergy I've been using.

    I enjoy your blog.

  3. .....LOL...this is great....I never really thought of all the crazy things that can be involved with quilting....


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