Friday, August 21, 2009

Ancient (quilt) History

I made quilts LONG before I was a member of the subculture: Quilters.
I made this picnic quilt a LONG time ago.....15 years or more?
Picnics with the kids that are now grown,
and the kids that aren't grown -up yet,
camping trips,
(It kept me warm on those camping trips that
were colder than we expected!)
Cuddling in the car...
This quilt has lived in the car long time.

I pieced it using a pattern I saw somewhere.
I remember it was an amish quilt.
These colors aren't amish.
This is the fabric I had.

Then about 6(?) years ago I saw a quilting magazine!
That magazine really inspired me.
But, I still didn't make this quilt the RIGHT way.
This quilt also used scraps that I had.
I remember, I did have to buy the backing fabric.
Both quilts use a blanket for the batting.
Are you all cringing?
I quilted them very sparingly.
In other words,
VERY little.
But I love these quilts.
They're always available in our cars,
cushioning whatever I'm trying to put IN the car. :)
I've learned A LOT since making these quilts,
and all the others during this time period (ancient history).

Don't you just love that binding?
Just rolled that backing around
and zig zagged the top!


  1. I love that second quilt! Looks like you were way ahead of your time. It looks like the quilts that are submitted in the modern quilt pool on flickr.

  2. I love your story about your 'history' quilts... sounds very similar to my 'start-up' quilt too.

    Ah...we have to learn somehow, somewhere.... aren't we so-o-o fortunate to have the www to travel all over the world to learn!! Makes me wonder how my Mom learned to do the patchworks that she did.... She was very limited in her resources...



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