Sunday, November 25, 2012

minty green

This quilt is a quilt
because I bought 2 little fat quarters.
They were those little bits of fabric
that you CAN'T pass up when you
the local
quilt shop!!!
And then
ONCE you have the fat quarters...
they tug at your mind
until you HAVE TO
sit down and SEW!!!!
Can you find the flowery fabric triangles??

I loved the retro feel of this fabric.
I added strips of color...
and some vintage solid minty green.

It's a FINISH!!!

I even added some black calico binding.
I think it's feeling RIGHT at home in this quilt!

I made this one
Because it HAD to be made.
I bet you've made some quilts like that too!!!


  1. I totally know how you feel, but I usually lose steam after the first few blocks! I do like that flowery fabric.

  2. A Girls gotta do what a Girls gotta do!!!!

  3. Great job using up an accidental scrap of fabric. Love it.

  4. I'm working on a quilt like that now, only my trouble started with some blue batiks. :-) I love the colors in yours, and the pattern the blocks create. Too pretty!

  5. Love that flowery fabric, too. I used it on the back of a quilt. And your binding.. I've also had that same fabric. So you know I love that, too. I want to know how to "accidentally" walk into the local quilt shop. I'll arrange to have the same accident, if I can.

  6. The retro fabric looks fabulous in it too. Mint green???? of my favorites!

  7. Good job, Beth! the flowers look right at home ~

  8. It's wonderful!! When fabric calls we have to obey, thats being a quilter.

  9. Years ago at the Georgetown Quilt show I saw some pink and white swirled fabric that had a blotchy swirl of metalic gold in it. I knew immediately what I was going to make. 9 patches of red and green with this pink in the center. (I'm stock piling Christmas quilts for a while now, to give everyone one at the same time.)
    Your quilt turned out great!

  10. Why doesn't my husband understand that I could "accidentally" walk into a fabric store? LOL! Beautiful quilt and perfect binding fabric choice. so sweet!

  11. Wow, Beth, you are incredible---This is gorgeous and it's hard to believe it became a quilt with only two fat quarters. Great job, girlfriend. :)