Sunday, January 16, 2022

Monday making

I think this little box is one of favorite makes this week.

I took some scraps and some modge podge
And covered a simple cardboard tray.
Basically a throw away item from the grocery or plant nursery.

I also learned from comments on Youtube
That you can thin the modge podge and you can also use elmers glue.

I have been using it to travel around the house with my knitting.

This little beanie was also a favorite “make”!

My grandson NEEDED a beanie for his stuffed animal.
It was a trick to get it to the right size....but I finally found the
Magic number of stitches to cast on
I used up two little balls of leftover yarn.

I am so pleased with this little project.

I added 2 simple borders to a quilt.

Using up the leftovers makes me very satisfied!
I definitely have the THRIFTY gene from somewhere.

what have YOU been making??


  1. All of your recent makes are wonderful! I'm inspired by your modge-podged tray as I have several of those smaller cardboard boxes around my sewing room. They come in handy to store small collections of things we all need. They deserve to look prettier with fabric...I'll be doing that soon! Thanks!

  2. Oh that hat on that darling little doggy. I'm a sucker for stuffed animals. I must have a bear somewhere that could use a hat. Your "spiffed up" tray looks great. You'll be enjoying that for quite a while, I bet.

  3. Fun box and beanie. It does feel nice to use up those left over odds and ends. Lovely blues in your small quilt. Happy stitching this week.

  4. What a fantastic idea!!!! I have modge podge...... hmmmm

  5. You had a good week of makes. Love that tray. The beanie is adorable too.

  6. Hi Beth, I enjoyed your tutorial for the tray on YouTube. You’ve done such a great job with your videos, I find them to be very inspiring.

  7. The beanie is so cute, great work! And your borders are the perfect compliment, lovely.

  8. Oh wow your tasty is so gorgeous! Love it, such a great idea

  9. Hi Beth, I have not heard of Modge Podge in a while. That is a very spiffy tray for toting your projects. I also like that blue and white quilt spotted there. You always have wonderful stitching to share.

  10. Being thrifty is how I was brought up. Waste not want not. Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without... Mother come through the Great Depression, Grandma ironed wrapping paper to reuse it again. The button bag had first been the housing for salt from the store, said so on its side. In other words, GOOD JOB! I save those "trays" as well, great for moving items around the house. Thanks for that idea to decoupage on it and make it prettier.

  11. I love your tray, Beth and great idea .I am going to have to make one, if you do not mind me being a copy cat. Have a lovely week.


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