Sunday, January 2, 2022

monday making - welcoming 2022

2022 is HERE!

I enjoyed the holidays with all the littles.
So many children to make FOR and WITH!

My oldest granddaughter and I made little pillows this week.
So fun!
Sorry....I was too busy to document!

I was happy to see a little sweater I had made IN USE!
That made Grandma extra happy!

During the busyness of the holidays I did a little cross stitch.
What a rabbit hole THAT is!
I watched cross stitch videos, dusted off my cross stitch books 
and began finishing a sampler started by a dear friend.
This is just a very tiny Christmas tree using one of my older books.

I also did some SIMPLE quilting.
First in these warm colors and then.....

I had to do a little green and red for the season!

What are YOU making??


  1. Awesome group photo!!! And love that sweet little sweater on that sweet little gal!!!

  2. Love the photo of the happy grandparents and happy children! (And, yes: dusting off the needlework books....because we still own them!)

  3. such fun holidays with littles around....i agree about the cross stitch...i am currently IN that rabbit hole...LOL

  4. Aww, look at all those adorable little people! What a lovely holiday for you

  5. How fun to have all those cute little faces around!! I bet there were a few giggles ;-)

  6. Your red and green quilt is darling. I know what you mean making grandma happy seeing your granddaughter wear a sweater you made 🙂.

  7. So glad to see you back... I was hoping you skipped last week because of the holiday.... Love the joy on everyone's faces. You must have had a wonderful time. I agree about being happy to see someone wearing a sweater you made. Lots of cute holiday eye candy this week. Happy 2022 to you and yours.

  8. All of you little ones are so precious. Sounds like a fabulous holiday. Gorgeous quilt you have been working on and super cute cross stitch. Thank you for hosting the link party and happy quilting.

  9. At one time I was doing cross-stitch and learned to do it without knots. So when I began EPP I tried out a version there as well. Toying with which hobby I would pursue...cross-stitch or quilt making I decided that quilts would be more likely to be used, appreciated and easier for aging eyes, so quiltmaking won out. I love your packages quilts.


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