Sunday, July 5, 2020

Monday Making

I have always wanted a patriotic quilt.
This is the next best thing.
A little quilty banner to hang by the front door.

I decided this was good idea on July 3.
It was finished on July 4.

No time like the PRESENT....right?

I used lots of little leftovers
And had so much fun moving them
This way and THAT!

Then I decided to make a quilt flag for one of my boys.
He recently moved out....
And I thought he’d like a little something HOMEY to hang up.
He did!!!
Woo hoo!!!

The flag part is a panel.
All I had to do was add the half square triangles.

With no picnics or parties to attend....
I had LOTS of time to make these fun little banners.
What are YOU making this week???


  1. Nice flags AND I also work best “at the last minute” LOL

  2. Great minds think a like! I like your two patriotic quilts. And, I'm envious you got yours done over the weekend!

  3. Very fun patriotic wall wall hangings. It was a different 4th of July this year. Fingers crossed that next year we will all be back to our normal holiday plans.

  4. Your little banners are adorable, a very appropriate time to get them made.

  5. You were cutting it very close! It turned out great and graced your door just in the nick of time!

  6. I started a Star project on Monday, but needed to order fabric for the last border. Of course I didn't have the right navy on hand. LOL! So it didn't get done in time for the 4th, but there's always next year!

  7. And here I thought I was productive making one little patriotic mini quilt! You just had to "one up me" with your darling banner and that sweet gift for your son. Nice work!

  8. Oh my goodness, that is just adorable :)

  9. Oh! So precious! What a great way to celebrate our nation! Beautiful story about your son's reaction to his own gift! Sweet.....

  10. Idea arrives on the 3rd and it is hung on the 4th. That is a wonderful accomplishment if you ask me even if it was small.

  11. I think your patriotic door mini quilt is perfect for the fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.

  12. Very sweet patriotic quilts! I really like how you added the hsts to the flag panel. There really is lots of time to quilt these days.:)