Sunday, July 26, 2020

Monday Making

The past week has been a productive one!
There are so many things that keep me busy around home.
I'm thankful for the activity ...productive activity....that fills my days!

I added vegetables from my husband's garden to every meal.
His hobby takes more time than MINE these days.

I ran into an old quilt I had given away.

Those little 9 patches are 3".  They were tiny for me as a beginner when I made this.

I remember wanting to use that border fabric I found in the remnant section
and finding the scraps here to go with it.

I had this in my HAND MADE-finished-ready to gift drawer.
There's a new baby boy in town that needs a little something!

I'm getting better and more confident at bread making!!
It's always been a dream of mine to be a bread maker.
I think I'm THERE!
This recipe is ---
Julia Child's White Sandwich Bread.
It didn't disappoint.

I like to slice the bread and freeze it ----after we eat few slices, of course!!

I also hung some herbs to dry.

What are You making this week??


  1. busy time of year for sure...i too am preparing and eating a ton of vegs...the small quilt is very nice...

  2. Sounds like a busy week. Hopefully you got in some time with needle and thread.

  3. You did keep busy~ And with such charming works;))) I love that old quilt you gave away--tiny little 9-patches in there...
    ~ ~ ~ waving from inside with the AC on here Julierose

  4. Your Dresden plate quilt has me swooning... so pretty!

  5. Lots of fun things to see today. I really miss fresh green beans. We no longer have room for a big veggie garden (and I suspect the birds would enjoy anything we planted!) Your dresden quilt is wonderful. I love that you didn't line up the stripes evenly across the blade. No doubt I would do a straight vertical or horizontal line up! Take care.

  6. Beautiful dresden plate, and I enjoyed your video!

  7. You are keeping yourself quite productive! Very nice! Your garden photos are so inspiring!


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