Sunday, June 7, 2020

Monday making

Making this baby/toddler quilt was good medicine this week.

Making baby quilts always helps me get in the right frame of mind.
Cutting shapes with little templates is therapy!
It does take time!!
But I enjoy the peaceful work.

Love all the HAPPY color!

Quilt is 40”x 45”
I cut 30 “I spy” tumblers and
240 solid color tumblers 

I added a tutorial on my YouTube channel
—-My sewing room

What are YOU making this week??


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    1. I have that tumbler template, too. The solid colors are a nice accent for the I Spy prints.

  2. Cutting and stitching is always good therapy. Very fun quilt!

  3. Super cute! Those little fussy cut pieces make it a great I Spy quilt

  4. Hi Beth, I've been cutting up small tumblers for a while now. I want to do the opposite - lots of patterned fabric with solids sprinkled around. Your quilt is really cute!

  5. What I love about the baby quilt is the cute little prints in between the solids. It is kind of an I spy!

  6. Your baby tumbler looks great; especially love how you fussy cut the novelty prints! You're reminding me that I STILL haven't quilted the outreach tumbler that my mom cut out with my Accuquilt die and pieced while I was working on my son's graduation quilt a year ago... I like your clear tumbler template. The GO! cutter is a fast and fairly accurate way to cut, but it's very difficult to precisely position a print when you have to hide your fabric under the cutting mat and it can shift slightly as it goes through the die press rollers.


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