Sunday, May 17, 2020

Monday Making

Sometimes it's just nice to go OLD school
and make a simple potholder.

It's hard to tell in these photos
but these are very CHUNKY potholders!

I used loops from some old t -shirt sleeves to make them.
It seems I can't throw ANY KIND of fabric away!!

If you're interested, I did a little you tube "how to"
on my simple method.
Just in case YOU are one of those people who think
t-shirt sleeves left over from t-shirt quilts are worth saving.

This the loom I used.

I also started a new quilt.

I've always wanted a classic basket quilt.
Using my pink, green and brown scraps
I made lots of little half square triangles....
some baskets......
and VIOLA!
A quilt is growing!
Sashings and cornerstones up NEXT!

What are YOU making this week?


  1. at age 9 i made and sold loop potholders to earn camp money...they were 50 cents each and i made $18 bucks...that was 1960...LOL...thanks for the memory...and i love your basket blocks!

  2. Very pretty baskets! My latest use for old T-shirts is to make ear loops for face masks. Not the most fun use, but I'm glad I have them to use.

  3. I love your basket blocks, beautiful! Great job on the potholders.

  4. Blast from the past! It was so much fun as a kid to make loop potholders!

  5. Ah, jersey loop potholders! But, oh, those baskets will be wonderful.

  6. Those potholders are CUTE! That's a great way to use up the T shirt sleeves. I remember making similar potholders as a child with some kind of tool and loops of fabric that came in a craft kit. I think it was my Rainy Day project one summer when my family vacationed at Lake Nisswa in Minnesota. We each had a craft project and paper dolls to play with on the rainy day, and somehow every summer, one of the beach days would be rainy!

  7. Hi, love your potholder, I thought I would share with you what I have started, I am making 10 full size quilts for all my grandchildren and children for Christmas. I did the math today and figured out that I would need 540 11 1/2" blocks to complete this task. I have already made 220. Only 320 left to go. Sheesh, whose idea was this??? I am optimistic I will accomplish, at least I hope it will be. These quilts will be made with my late husband's shirt and this also includes lot of cutting.

  8. Oh, I love the looks of that Basket quilt! Great idea to include a variety of baskets.

    Gosh, I still have a couple of those potholder looms but I don't think they have been used since my daughter was a little girl and she's now 43! Great idea to use T shirts sleeves.

  9. Love your potholders! Didn't we all do these as kids? I have a loom my mother had which uses yarn and becomes a woven block Never finished that afghan.

  10. Oh, the nostalgia! I loved making those potholders!

  11. Pot holders woven from t-shirt sleeves - love that idea. The would be perfecty bulky for keeping your hands safe! I think they would make great gifts too!

    Your new basket project is a jem. I am a huge fan of using multiple backgrounds.


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