Sunday, May 10, 2020

Monday Making

I pulled these stars out earlier in the week after finishing THREE quilts.
They were a nice little break between projects.
I pull them out now and again and sew a few just for FUN!!
I put them back in the little bag with all the scraps.

They're ready for the next time I need a little NO THINKING project.
Someday...I'll have a quilt!!

This is the last of the THREE graduation quilts getting the binding on!!!

I begin every day THESE days with this happy face.
Schooling at home has changed my routine quite a bit.

Not quite as much time to sew!
The kitchen is right next to the "schoolroom"
I've been doing more baking.

I put pictures on instagram once in a while 
documenting home, garden and of course, quilts!!!

I just began a new project.
It is based on an OLD favorite of mine.
I'm liking the bright colors and softer background.

OK friends.
What are YOU making???
Link up and share.


  1. Your stars are such fun and I just love those basket blocks. What a happy smile your little lady has :)
    We're homeschooling here too, although this week the kids (here in NSW Australia) get to go back one day per week. I had one go back today and one will go back on Wednesday. Who'd have thought the kids would be so excited to go to school?!?!

  2. Love the star blocks, each one is a rainbow! The basket blocks look like fun, love those bright colors. Just few more weeks of home schooling and the kids will be out for the summer. Hopefully, it will be safe enough for them to be back on campus for the fall. Happy stitching and baking this week.

  3. Hope the distance learning is going well. So much of our everyday life is going to be radically different....But your stars twinkle and your Roman strip baskets shine!

  4. Happy Monday! Looks like you have been super busy! I admire those doing the schooling with their children these days, it's challenging! Love the basket quilt, especially the brown background one. Have a great week, stay safe!

  5. Love the stars - just started following you on I.G. :)

  6. Those pretty little stars haven't inspired you yet? Guess their still cooking

  7. Love, love, LOVE that new basket projects!! I have my own set of Wonky Stars that I drag out every now and then. Congrats on finishing up that graduation quilt! I'll be looking forward to the reveal.

  8. Awe...thanks for showing us your beautiful daughter! I know home schooling has been hard on families, but think of how wonderful it is for families to not have interruptions from everything else for a spell. Life is all about family anyway.

    I cannot believe you finished THREE THREE THREE quilts! Congratulations!

  9. your twinkling stars are a hoot, love them! Oh, and that strip pieced basket -- LOVE that too. Pattern source?


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