Sunday, December 29, 2019

Monday Making

This is an OLD quilt.
It was given to me in 1979.
The ladies at church made them for graduating seniors
and missionaries.

This quilt has been truly loved to death.
I'd like to keep using it!!
But some of the fabric is almost NOT THERE anymore.
I think I will patch it up this week.

I've assembled some 4 patches....
pressed the edges in....
and now I will sew them down over the worn 4 patches.

Hand stitched or machine stitched???
I'm not sure yet.

It's a sentimental quilt, not a work of art.....
so I'm thinking the machine will do just fine!

I'm also getting close to a finish on a little beanie.
I'm using some leftover yarn.
That cream colored yarn is now ALL gone.
the hat will finish up with that pretty aqua color.
Let's HOPE I have enough!!!

the tip top will be something different altogether
and wouldn't that be FUN????

The pattern is called "bulky waffle hat"
and the free pattern is HERE.

What are YOU making?


  1. Kudos on preparing to repair your graduation quilt!! I've got some repair work that I need to do after the first of the year. Two quilts that have also been "loved to death." Other projects keep jumping the line in front of them. They really can't wait much longer!

  2. Even some applique hearts or flowers would look wonderful on this. I think it is a lovely treasure.

  3. A friend asked me to repair a quilt like yours. It had been the kids' wrap-around-and-cuddle/TV watching quilt for years and years (and now the kids are in their late 20's). My solution was similar to yours. I went to my vintage fabric stash and found some 70's/80's prints. I made patches that I appliqued to the top. My friend was thrilled. [It would be great if fabric companies would do a retro rollout of some of those prints. I'd especially like the red and green that Cranston used in Christmas prints.]

  4. What a special quilt... Love it!

  5. That quilt is quite the keepsake. What a kind and generous thing for those ladies to do. I hope 2020 is the most wonderful year for you, Beth!

  6. That is a wonderful quilt and I am glad you are fixing it up so that you can keep using it. I am cutting up squares now and seeing a quilt like this one gives me motivation! Happy new Year!

  7. Looks like you've got a plan in place to save your oldie but comfie favorite. Happy stitching this weekend.


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