Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Holiday Favorites Blog Hop 2019

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For quilters, the Christmas season
gives us an opportunity to CREATE!

We make things for OUR homes
and then make things for others!
We are MAKERS after all.

Making is my favorite thing about the holidays.

I love getting this quilt out and hanging it every year
in the family room.
I designed it a few years ago using
a crate and barrel gift box for inspiration.

Yes....I have a quilt on the sofa.
I bet you do TOO!

These little scrappy trees are teeny tiny.
No scrap is TOO SMALL for me!
These are the kinds of things
I like to make and give away.

This one's a bit bigger.

There's a little HOW TO video here
on how I made this one.

These little snowmen
were made by the kids a long time ago.
I love pulling them out and remembering 
my BIG kids were once LITTLE.  

I sewed the snowmen leaving an opening for stuffing.
The kids stuffed, drew on the faces
and made little scarves from scraps.

The black hats are SOCK scraps
that we sewed together.
SUPER simple!
Yes...You're going to find fabric EVERYWHERE here.
Even above this ceramic nativity.

I gave this Christmas quilt away last year
after making it using orphan blocks.

Christmas is for MAKING.
Christmas is for GIVING.

The two go HAND in HAND.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely tour! I adore the crate and Barrel inspired quilt and the tree ornaments!!
    Yay! For fun handmade decorations our kids made! They hold precious memories.

  2. What fun decorations you have. Love your little scrap trees. I have a scrap or two as well 😉 Just found you via Lori's blog. Congrats on winning 🎄

  3. So much homespun charm here! Love it all, especially those precious snowmen made by your children.

  4. I love your Crate & Barrel inspired quilt and the tree ornaments are adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You have made Christmas a special family time with your sweet snowmen and beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  6. Love seeing your Christmas quilts! The one hanging in the family room is an all time fave of mine.:)

  7. Super sweet Holiday decorations, Beth!! Enjoy the season.

  8. Your Crate and Barrel quilt is so cool! I love it. Your decorations are so sweet and sentimental, that's what Christmas is all about!

  9. Crate and barrel quilt is wonderful. Very creative. Love your touch of fabric in all things. Thank you for sharing.

  10. All your projects are lovely and I like how you've displayed them. Merry Christmas!

  11. I love your Modern Quilt and I love that it was inspired by a C&B box. How great.
    Your tree ornaments are charming and great video! I'll have to remember to make a few of these - next year.
    Your creche' is Beautiful!

  12. Oh, your wall hanging is fabulous!!! I love all your Christmas quilts!! Maybe it's time I made myself one!!!

  13. Lovely quilts! I like those little those little treasures that have so many memories.

  14. Thank you for the inspiration! Are you selling patterns for the Crate and Barrel inspired quilt? I would love to create this quilt!

  15. I love seeing your Christmas quilts and the other treasures you or your family created. I agree that we are makers and Christmas if such a fun time to make things and give them, also to make a few keepers to bring out each year.

  16. Love those snowmen! I have ornaments the SIT made that go on the tree each year. It's fun to remember when they were little enough to just enjoy the magic of the holiday.


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