Sunday, June 30, 2019

Monday Making

Using the tiniest scraps...
I am  making some courthouse steps blocks.
The strips are all ABOUT 1" 
Some smaller.
Some larger.

I begin with a teeny tiny RED center.
I add scrappy strips.
Dark and light.

AS you can see they are all a bit different in size.

That's the beauty of scrap quilting MY WAY.

I sew and sew.
I DO NOT take time to measure.
I line them up in rows that are ABOUT the same width.

When I get close to the end...
I will do some trimming.
or adding.
Whatever is needed.

I love the ADVENTURE of it all.
I also enjoy the peaceful SEWING time.

IT is a NO STRESS kind of piecing adventure.

While I am sewing
the garden is GROWING by LEAPS and bounds!!!

The zucchini is, of course, included in almost every meal.

And when we've had enough...
I'll give some to the neighbors!!
What are YOU making this week?


  1. We will be having zucchini galore this year as well. Looks like I will be starting to have it this week. I can't link up. I get an error that tells me I need a valid web address.

    1. I just now tried to add the link again. I hope it WORKS!!! :)

  2. Your Courthouse piece looks amazing--what fun--hugs, Julierose

  3. I too get an error message when I put in my blog address -
    it tells me too that I need a valid web address never had a problem before but on another site this morning that uses the same link up style that you do I had the same message
    love your courthouse steps

    1. I am so sorry. Trying to work on technical difficulties. I need to contact the linky provider. Thank you for your patience.

  4. Ooh I would love some fried Z right about now.

  5. Your style of scrappy quilting makes my heart sing!

  6. Your garden is doing better than mine....darn rabbits are having lots of fresh greens! Courthouse of my all time favorites!

  7. They are awesome!! Love this kind of piecing

  8. Nice job with the tiny pieces. And your garden is gorgeous - enjoy the bounty!

  9. wow on the garden...I miss it so. When my husband died, so did the garden...I am very impressed....quilting and gardening

  10. Pretty tiny blocks, I love your improv way to make them

  11. cute little courthouse steps blocks. I have a bunch of blue and orange shades cut to 1.5". I was going to make a very complicated pineapple piece. I've given up on that after years of trying to get the blocks done. It isn't going to happen so I plan on repurposing the strips somehow. I'm still looking for a block I want to do with these strips. And, honestly, my motivation is low!

  12. Yes to the way your make your courthouse step blocks! I had to save the idea on Pinterest so I could remember. Looking so good.:)


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