Sunday, July 7, 2019

Monday Making

I loved this quilt when I saw it 4 years ago at a yard sale
and I brought it home.


I loved the color.
I loved the piecing.
It was JUST right.

I hosed it off and thought about keeping it.
But....I didn't.

I knew I wouldn't use it.
I knew it would just take up space here
and what I REALLY wanted to do was just LOOK AT IT!
Now I have a picture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

What are your thoughts/??

What are You making this week??


  1. I think I would have tried to fix it up just so it didn't fall apart and I would have kept it. AND IT WOULD HAVE SAT IN A CLOSET GATHERING DUST ONCE AGAIN! Quilts are made to bring joy. Kudos to you for finding a way to bring joy to your own heart without consigning it to a closet.

  2. I love saving pictures - especially for inspiration, or just to gaze at!!

  3. A wool quilt . . . how wonderful and at yard sale prices. You had to buy it; I would have too. Great for cold winter evenings :) It's pretty too.

  4. It is a beautiful quilt, love the colors. Some quilts you keep, others you give away. I agree a photo can be a great memory and a good inspiration.

  5. Great quilt. What did you do with it?

  6. I probably would have brought it home too but never looked at it again. There's a few quilts around my home from my mother in laws. I've considered getting rid of them so I'm interested to see what you did with this.

  7. A photo is a great way to save a beautiful quilt. I was wondering, as Gram999, what happened to it...

    1. I think I donated it.....My memory is so bad these days. ugh.

  8. When I find an unloved treasure like this I consider myself to be a rescuer. You did just that -- and hopefully its next owner/caretaker appreciates having it.

  9. I have also been taking photos and letting go. Just starting a notebook to record the dates of trips and then giving away or tossing the brochures we picked up on our travels. So for me it's more than just quilts that I'm taking photos off and letting go. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going! : )

  10. Good for you for rescuing the quilt. Did you try to do any repairs on it? It is a beautiful quilt.

  11. Ah, the Deep Cleaning Bug must have bitten you, as well! We have been purging children's books and broken toys. Reluctance and Regret have reared their ugly heads intermittently, but overall it feels pretty good to let go of STUFF that has accumulated and is just weighing you down. Good for you!


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