Sunday, July 29, 2018

Monday Making

This has been a week of finishes.
I wonder what the coming week holds??

Will I pull out some more UFOs???
Or BEGIN another quilt???

The T-shirt bag above is made with my daughter's
outgrown shirts.
I love the graphics on this one and didn't want to give it away.
Making a little tote bag was the perfect solution.
It was also great that I had that cute zigzag shirt
for the lining in the pile of TOO SMALL shirts.
It's the perfect compliment to the outside.

If you're interested the Pattern is HERE.
I finished this vest for the newest baby.

I used this pattern and made it my OWN 
by adding some ribbing to the shoulders.

This little guy has a new outfit.
I've had the little vest hanging around.
I made it last year....but didn't like the funky size...
My granddaughter's little stuffed friend, Corduroy, has a new "LOOK".
The vegetables keep coming.
So I keep cooking.
what are YOU making this week???


  1. Very cute t-shirt tote. Never thought to do that with leftover t-shirts. And, that Sea Ya Later tee is really cute.

  2. I used a pair of my sons newborn bibs for cloths on a bear I made once. Never crossed my mind to make something useful out of them tho. Thank you for the linky party.

  3. I can see why you did not want to get rid of that T. Great idea. The little knitted vests are cute too.

  4. Very cute and practical recycle project!

  5. What a productive weekend you had! Love that bag and baby sweater! I'm sure your granddaughter is tickled with her teddy's new sweater!

  6. I am envious of your vegetables. I miss them and have not planted a garden in a couple of years. I enjoy gardening but am always gone so much in the summer that it has become difficult to keep up with one.

    A T-shirt bag looks like fun.

    I think you should start a new project - of course!

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