Saturday, July 28, 2018

Amish Snowballs

I began a new quilt!
It's so much fun to begin.

This is a happy go lucky project
that's making MY summer sewing very happy!

Here's a short HOW TO on my
Amish Snowflakes

As you can see...
I am making a nine patch setting of 
NINE snowballs.
(there are FOUR nine patch blocks in the photo above)

The corner triangles alternate between
DARK blue
LIGHT blue.

I'm working on ONE 9 patch at a time.
I have NO idea how it's going to end.
I might introduce a few new colors along the way.

My snowballs are 3 1/2"

The corner triangles are cut with a 2" strip
then subcut into 2" squares.
THEN I cut them diagonally for triangles.
I am placing them on each corner
and sewing them on.

So good.

I am NOT trying to get the triangles 
ALL to be the same.

Just like snowflakes.
They'll all be a little different.

After sewing, the triangles need to be PRESSED.

Here's bad photo of the trimming process.

The snowflake is upside down.
I am using the dark square as my GUIDE.

After trimming from the back...
I turn the block over, lift the corners up
and trim those little back
 tiny triangles OFF.

I tend to hurry and this is one time
I have to slow down a bit!
After making NINE snowballs...
I join them for a 9 1/2" square block.

I am going to keep making 
Snowballs in the summer!


  1. i love this free form snowball method. hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh, I love your method of making snowballs. Looks like fun. Nice layout too!

  3. I LOVE this. So much. I really love blocks that are freehand and just roll with it. What you're creating has so much energy!

  4. A very bright and fun set of blocks. Happy stitching.


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