Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday Making

This week I hope to add a border to ALL these scraps!
Wonder what color it will be??
I could choose almost ANY color
and it would WORK!

This quilt uses a lot of older fabrics...
and to me, it looks like it belongs in a cabin somewhere.
The quilt block I used is called a
HALF log cabin.

I had some leftover blocks from a class I took
a LONG time ago.
One thing led to another...
I began making more blocks
and NOW there's almost a QUILT!!!!

What are YOU making???


  1. I have made quite a few half log cabin blocks. They work up pretty quickly. You should be proud to use old blocks and a whole bunch of older fabric!

  2. Pretty! I haven't seen this layout with these blocks. It looks great!

  3. Very fun quilt with such a simple block.

  4. Great way to use up some older scraps.

  5. This is great...and one of my favorite patterns.

  6. It is a lovely quilt, I recognize some of the fabric too.


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