Sunday, August 27, 2017

Monday Making with a tutorial

Here's my finished baby quilt.
Borders added and READY to be quilted!
I love how all these mostly solid fabrics
melted together in this quilt.

The bright oranges
and springy yellows REALLY make it a happy quilt.

Here's a short tutorial on the block I used.
I began with a variety of strips.
1" - 3" wide.....
(You know I LOVE stringy quilts)

I sewed some together....
and trimmed each set of strips to 6" x 6"

Then I cut some 6" solids for the corners.
 TWO solid squares for EACH block.

I used 1/2 white and 1/2 a variety of colors.

I cut each of these solids in half diagonally.

First I attached a triangle to each side.
One way to align them is to mark very lightly 
in the center of each piece.

After attaching triangles to TWO sides....

I added triangles to the other sides
and trimmed the excess.

I pressed and SQUARED them up to 9" x 9".

My baby quilt used 12 of these blocks.
In this quilt, I also added a 3" border.

Everything went together SO quickly!

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Congrats on a bright and fun finish!

  2. Very cute quilt - it would be a great scrap buster!

  3. It's good to allow a float for those SIS blocks . . . I write from experience! Your solids-version is very appealing.

  4. Such a simple block to make such a great quilt. Thanks for the tutorial.


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