Sunday, July 30, 2017

Quilts and Babies - Monday Making

This post is FULL of quilts
Babies ON quilts.
I have a little collection of pictures
that I hope will GROW year by year
as the babies come
and the thank you pictures arrive!!!
Some of these I have posted before....
but IT's SO FUN to see some of them together!!

I've given 3 baby quilts away this week
and ONE lap quilt!!

I depleted my baby quilt pile...
so I THINK this week I'll be sewing something
with PINK or BLUE fabric.
A small quilt.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. All those baby quilts with and sans babies are adorable, glad you shared some of them again as being new I hadn't seen them. Lovely.

  2. Very cute models today with lovely quilts. Inspirational!

  3. Ahh these are so sweet! Love seeing the quilts with their precious owners.😊

  4. Darling pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. so many cute babies - and they all look so happy

  6. I love photographs of babies on quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You've got a bunch of wonderful quilts and cute babies too. I particularly like the expression on the baby's face who is with the little girl. Your quilts are all so bright and fun.

  8. I have one first birthday baby quilt ready to gift and another baby quilt for a newborn ready to quilt. I love seeing the thank you photos!

  9. Lovely quilts- darling babies. Do link to Let's Make Baby Quilts. I'm working on a top for a baby, too. Blessings,

  10. I so enjoyed this quilt and baby parade. :)

  11. You know, when I saw the title of your blog post "Monday Making - Quilts and Babies," my first thought was that you were PREGNANT!! Hah! Those are some adorable quilts AND babies... But as for me, I'll stick to making quilts from now on... ;-)

  12. Oh how I can relate to this wonderful post. I love seeing those babies because I just got two grandbabies of my own. The baby quilts are wonderful too especially with such cute little models!

  13. It's the best when you get a photo of a baby enjoying your quilt. I hate it when I make a quilt for a child and its mom hangs it up out of reach. I have written in gift cards that the quilt is for the baby to play on or sleep under not for mom to look at.

  14. Very cool apron, I would not think to do that with a teatowel but yes, a good way to keep the memories alive.



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