Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Finishes

Since this quilt began as a personal challenge....
I had NO idea I'd have it finished ALREADY!

The binding is even ON!

Hooray for finishes!!
Using the STASH!

I also finished this tea towel apron.

I made it RIGHT after purchasing it from the thrift store this week 
Knowing that if I waited....

It would be forgotten.

Now it hangs along with the other aprons
in the cupboard....
READY for action!!

I love having a little
practical memory of a great city!!


  1. I love all of the HSTs in that quilt. Great finish.

  2. I always get a thrill when a project jumps to the head of the line and insists on being finished, RIGHT NOW! Love your quilt!

  3. wow!.. what a nice finish. love those reds in the middle :)

  4. Very cool apron, I would not think to do that with a teatowel but yes, a good way to keep the memories alive.

  5. That qullt looks amazing and love the tea towel idea!

  6. Your quilt is so lovely, he has turned out very nice indeed.

  7. That is the trick to using value for the design....lots of variety. And it makes a great design. Super finish.

  8. Great finish! Your design is so simple yet so graphic, I love it!

  9. LOVE your quilt!!! It is beautiful. And your apron - too cute!

  10. You know, when I saw the title of your blog post "Monday Making - Quilts and Babies," my first thought was that you were PREGNANT!! Hah! Those are some adorable quilts AND babies... But as for me, I'll stick to making quilts from now on... ;-)



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