Sunday, July 23, 2017

Monday Making

These are a few of my favorite pincushions.
Well loved and USED often!!

I have been tempted to make some more
after seeing the daily dose of inspiration from
Haven't YOU??

Everyone was home this weekend.
 It's kind of hard
to FOCUS on sewing.

What are YOU making??


  1. Yes, I have been tempted to make some pincushions, too! Amanda's and your's are so precious! Your family is so beautiful! What a lovely time you all must have had! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looks like it might be pincushion week here. Great looking family!

  3. Those pincushions are so cute. I have one pincushion that I made from hexagons almost fifty years ago. It is still going strong!

  4. Very bright and fun pin cushions. That's quite a crew. Looks like everyone was having fun.

  5. nice to have your family all around and a wonderful looking one at that - not into pin cushions - working on hexies

  6. Yup- pincushions are endlessly appealing. Lovely collection. Family first, then you can whip up some additions to your collection.

  7. Amanda Jean does inspire me to make those cute pincushions. Yours are cute also.
    I made a teeny quilt instead. But as soon as my walnut pieces come, I'll make a pincushion. Thanks for showing us yours.

  8. The same goes for me! My kids and grandbabies were home this weekend and I also had my brother's family and his friend's family. I had 15 extra people at my house and loved it!

  9. How great to have your family around. And, I have my favorite pin cushions but I may need to replace one or two eventually. Yours are too cute.


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