Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Making

I've been sewing!

Sewing by HAND.
Hand quilting to be exact.  ;)
One little stitch at a time.
It is a peaceful and productive activity
that I love!

Hand quilting while camping
is the definitely the perfect combination!!!
Finding my dropped thimble or needle in the dirt
is NOT so perfect though.

What are you making??


  1. Hand work is so relaxing. Enjoy your quilting and camping.

  2. I like stitching while camping, but you do have to keep up with stuff more so then when sewing at home.

  3. i also love hand work, english paper piecing and stiching are my favorites - so happy to find your beautiful linkup - greetings from germany :-)

  4. Um, I love the idea of hand stitching... but the follow through is woefully lacking. Must be why I have two hand-quilted quilts still in the quilting stage and one has been about 20 years in the non-making!

  5. Thanks for hosting Monday Making each week. I enjoy checking everyone out for loads of inspiration. Sally


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