Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday making

It's LINKY party time!
Monday Making is just a FUN place to share.
What did you make this weekend?
What do you plan to make this week??

Maybe you found a new recipe?
I always love hearing about GREAT new easy dinner ideas!

I am chain piecing LOTS of little triangles.
OOOH! I can't wait to get them pressed
and then PLAY around with them.

I have SOME ideas about what I"ll do with them.
At this point.....I have ONLY ideas.
It gives me LOTS to think about.
I LIKE thinking about quilts.
Don't YOU???


  1. Just in case you are wondering Beth, I am both Bits 'n Bobs (my sewing blog) and Cath@Home (life at home on our farm)....I hope I am not overstepping the welcome by linking 3 posts!

  2. I am very curious about what your triangles are going to turn into!

  3. Playing around with fabrics and blocks is part of the fun with quilting! I am curious too! Have fun!!

  4. You've got lots of triangles to play with. I played with some of my left over triangles and now think I have a plan for those once a few more UFOs are off my list.

  5. You have so many choices with all of those HSTs. Have fun.

  6. Hum, triangles or half triangle squares are always a necessary part of quilting. I know I have at least one quilt cut out -- wait, I made that top center at retreat.... oops! Let's see what you are going to do with them!


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