Monday, December 15, 2014


Knitting little hats is sort of addicting!

You finish one...
You want to make another.
Yarn is so FUN!
Hats are easy.

I can no longer watch a movie
without knitting needles in my hands!

Typically I'm working on more than ONE thing!

This weekend I had THREE finishes.
Two little.

a BIG one!

Sweaters are NOT addicting.
They go ON and ON...
and you wonder if you're going to enjoy wearing
the item you are laboring OVER!!!

Instead of button holes...
(I'm a beginner)
I crocheted some loops.

It fits.
That's a relief!
After ALL those HOURS!!!
There's a little bit of cruelty to the knitting bug.
When you're old enough to have TIME to knit something warm....
You're body is telling you IT's TOO. TOO. HOT!!!
Some of you ladies will understand.


  1. I love hats too. We were away a couple of weeks ago and I was working on one. I didn't have the last 3 rows done when one of the friends we were with asked if he could have it. Your sweater is wonderfully detailed. I've made a couple of sweaters but they were hoodies. That way I didn't have to sweat the sizing. A Hoodie that's a little big is OK.

  2. All so cute!! Totally understand the 'hot' thing!! It's good that it's easy to take off and put on! Well done, as always, Beth!!

  3. I love knitting booties! They are so satisfying! Terrifies my boyfriend though! X

  4. Your knitting looks lovely. Gotta love those personal summers. Not!

  5. oh Beth, the hats are so cute...
    LOVE the colour of the sweater - it is a ME colour...
    your knitting is wonderful.... i don't have the patience for knitting.
    ah....whats a flash here and there???
    as long as they're just a flash....

  6. Ha!! Soon it won't be too hot. Remember all of the little old ladies wearing shawls????? Your knitting looks fantastic.

  7. Nice work- I love the multi-color yarn in the white hat. More than one project at a time? Is there any other way?

  8. Good thing it is starting to feel chilly outside here in Sunny So Cal!! Now you can wear that wonderful sweater you finished. It looks great! I can't wait to see it on.


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