Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Square management

You may not need another little thing on your sewing table.
You may have the fabric organization GENE!  :)
You may already have the perfect spot for ALL your scraps and leftovers.

I'm always collecting little squares.
I have a "THING" for little squares.
I like to cut them up out of the leftovers from projects.
Getting them rounded up is always the challenge.

This little basket was a prototype.
I was designing a little COASTER basket found here
and made a FEW
I WONDER baskets.
"I wonder if this work?"
"I wonder if THAT will work??"

This basket was TOO big for coasters...
but it works for my
2", 2 1/2" and 3" squares.
They all have a corner
and ONE corner is leftover for....????
Do I dare begin a 1 1/2" corner??

This little basket is made up of TWO 11"x 11" squares.

I laid them out BACK to back
(wrong side to wrong side)
and cut out 2 1/2" squares from the corners.

I used some bias tape.

Laid that bias tape down
and covered EACH corner.
I opened it up and sewed around...

I turned at each corner after going 1/4" past the corner.
With needle DOWN...
I turned the basket and stitched.

Then I rolled the bias tape over and top stitched.

Each corner is now covered.

I added bias tape around the top
in the same way.

The only tricky part is moving EACH side
up to meet at the corners.
Not really tricky.
Maybe a little fiddly.

I don't really need anything else on my sewing table...
I DO appreciate a little organizational HELP!!!!


Thanks to everyone who entered
the fabric giveaway.
Winners were announced here.
congratulations Shawna!


  1. Love that great idea..great storage.Thank you... :)

  2. Very sweet Beth..... looks fairly easy-ish..... well that's until i attempt it (f course)..
    great idea, and can be made to any size.. and for anything...... hm...


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