Monday, December 8, 2014

flannel LOVE

I walked into the fabric store 
and was immediately SUCKED IN
to the flannel isle!!!

Who can resist the CUTE prints they have there???

Good thing too.
I'm donating these to a family in need for the holidays.
Seven kids.
SEVEN chances to make a cute pillow case!
SEVEN cute flannel fabrics to CHOOSE!!!
SEVEN strips of cotton to POP in the middle there!
My fabric stash is an UNENDING source of POP goodness!

I'm having fun!!!

I even made a one for someone at MY house!!!

Super SIMPLE last minute sewing project!!!
I made mine very much like this one.
My pillow case and coordinating fabric are flannel
My POP (trim) is cotton fabric
and 3" wide.

Hope you're able to SQUEEZE a little sewing in this week!
It's definitely a squeeze at this time of year!


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