Monday, September 29, 2014


I'm quilting lines through some pretty hexagons today!

Last week I was looking for motivation.
This week I found some. ;)

I moved my machine into the dining room and got to work!!
The change in scenery is good.
The dining room table is big enough to hold the bulk of this big queen sized quilt!

Wish me luck as I wrestle with the "deep blue sea". ;)


  1. Good for the move! I too have moved my sewing machine out to the dining room. I have a small sewing room but it's more fun when I can see out the windows. The ones in the sewing room are too high for me to see out of when I'm sitting and sewing. I love fall weather!

  2. looks great. I love those half hexie quilts. that;s the only one I've made so far of the hexy variety.

  3. Glorious colors and what a nice change of pace to be in your dining room. Looking good, but please take frequent rest breaks!

  4. Each day you're closer to being done! The colors and fabrics of your hexie quilt look so fun together.


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