Thursday, September 18, 2014

Almost perfect

Nothing is absolutely perfect.
I'm sure you know that already.  Wink. wink.
Sometimes, though, something comes awfully close!
As I put this little bag together I kept's almost perfect!!
There's patchwork.  What could be more perfect than that?
There's a lovely lining full of tiny hearts from my stash.
I love making things without shopping!
Little tiny pieces of red on each end of zipper PLUS.....that black and white ribbon!
I was also happy to have a white zipper (long enough) on hand!
Like I said.......the word perfect kept coming to mind!

I squared the bottom.
Hey! Even the white on white fabric with chevrons you can barely see are all going the "right" way!
Oh NO they're not!! SEE??  It's ALMOST perfect.

I will admire it for two more days.....
Then I will give this little piece of perfection (or almost perfection) to my friend!


  1. definitely worth admiring. if you hadn't pointed out the tiny issue I wouldn't have noticed.

  2. you make the sweetest things. love to visit your blog.

  3. this is adorable, I love that you make so many gifts for friends and family we should all take a cue from you and do that as well. maybe I need to go buy a few zippers…..

  4. So so cute!!! Your friend is very lucky! Have a terrific weekend!

  5. I think it's pretty perfect!

  6. Looks pretty perfect to me! I had to look real close to see what you meant!


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