Monday, September 15, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited by the lovely Mrs. Moen to add a post to this wonderful blog hop. I think it all began with Debbie at A Quilters Table.

I googled "Around the World blog hop" and found LOTS of blogs participating and ran into so many exciting NEW-to-me blogs.  ;)

1. What I'm working on.

This week I will attempt to begin
attaching this hexagon quilt to a white border.
How will I do it????
That's what I've been asking myself!
I think I'm going to BASTE the edge onto the white border
with my inch or so away from the edge.
I will sit down and begin needleturning the edge under
ALL the way AROUND!
After that...
I'll remove the basting stitch.
This one is for my daughter and new son-in-law.
It's late.
What's new?
2. How is my work Different than others?
I'm not sure it is!
CRAZY quilts!
3. Why do I create?

Because I LOVE giving my quilts AWAY!
4. How does my process work?

I PILE up a BIG bunch of scraps...
and I sew them TOGETHER!!!
As simple as that.
I'd love for you to visit one of  MY favorite bloggers.....
She inspires me whenever she sits down at her sewing machine....
Picks up her knitting needles....
Pulls out her loom!


  1. Yay, fellow hopper!
    Your quilts are unique -- your approach, your fabrics, your prolific output!
    Yes, a drawback to hexagon quilts are the irregular edge.

  2. You are definitely on my list of "best scrap quilters". You always inspire me, Beth.

  3. You do amazing work with scraps! Good luck on your hexagons!

  4. I love all your scrap quilts. They are so inspiring.

  5. It's nice to see some of your scrap quilts posted together. You work is always fun.

  6. Hi Beth, I'm reposting my comment to see if I've fixed my email delivery problem.

    It's nice to see some of your scrap quilts posted together. You work is
    always fun.


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