Monday, June 9, 2014

The VERY last minute

Last minute.
Isn't THAT when we get the MOST done?
I'm making SETS of coasters for some teacher gifts.
A few men teachers means....
 I need some that will suit them too!

I these.
Hope the teacher doesn't take offense!

These are NICE and bright!!!

I LOVE these too!!!
The newish fabric
(robert kaufman found at the discount store)
with the denim is such a GREAT match!

I'm even making some with old flannel shirts!

I have a couple more sets to make.
Then.....School will be OVER and OUT!!
Question friends:
WHAT should I add to these coasters?
I want to tie them up with twine and add something little....
Any ideas?
The tutorial for these coasters is here.
I used a 5" square this time instead of 4".
Need to get back to my machine!
The last minute is quickly ticking away......
I had JUST enough time to upload a simple
YOUtube instructional video.
Here it is.


  1. they are great Beth. The blah, blah, blah could have 'conversation' lollies.
    As for the rest, either a snack food that you would eat with your drink (ie peanuts to go with alcohol) or a mug or a voucher for a coffee shop...... not sure.

    1. thanks Debra! Great ideas for add on gifts.

  2. How cute. Nice gifts! Where did you find the blah, blah fabric. What a fun print. Thank you for making a tutorial video clip.

    1. blah blah fabric is r. kaufman from 2010 found at the discount fabric store near me. The store is a VERY tempting place to have so closeby! (M&L in Anaheim)

  3. that blah blah blah one is brilliant I love the fabric!

  4. Nice job, Beth. They will love them.

  5. Great project, Beth. Love the coasters, and the tutorial is great, too. Love that it doesn't bog you down waiting for the sewing to be done. You move right along, and keep our interest. Atta Girl! and Thank You, too.

  6. They look great - what a wonderful, unique gift. What about some individually wrapped special tea?

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  8. oh my word, they are so cute and easy!! I LOVE when something so easy looks so clever and involved :) That "blah blah" fabric is the best!


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