Friday, June 27, 2014


Quilt for Granddaughter is finally complete!
 Vacations, wedding stuff, family stuff
ALL got in the way as this one sat folded up
WAITING to be quilted.....

and BOUND.

I used some gingham for the binding.
LOVE that piece of fabric!
I'll be sad when the LAST of it is used up!

Now my granddaughter can be
in her new BIG girl bed!!!
I've also been knitting rows
on this baby afghan.

This is the kind of thing that TRAVELS!!
Gotta LOVE handwork!
One of these days....cough cough sputter sputter....
it'll be done too!
thoughts on how to GET things done!
I was asked about how I get so much done
and WHEN do I find the time??
I FIT it in.
I give myself DEADLINES.
I give myself GOALS.
I don't watch Television.
I DO knit in the evenings (recently)
and solve crime with netflix.  ;)
I can usually solve the mystery in about 45 minutes.
I have 2 children with special needs.
I take handwork to every Doctor appt.
I'm home more than most, I think.
I don't do as much housecleaning as I should.
Making stuff is IN ME!
I have to MAKE.
BLOGGING about what I MAKE
adds to the PLEASURE!
It adds a FRIENDLY aspect!
Thanks for being my friend here.


  1. OKAY! Now we know! I've been thinking that TV steals my time. Some nights I have to watch - love Longmire and a few other shows. While out of town to the wedding, I paper pieced a few blocks by hand! Since that worked, I'll be doing that again for TV time.
    Thanks for your suggestions. Cute quilt, your grandgirl will love it. (Are the letters freehand pieced?)

  2. Love being a bloggy friend. Also love all of the inspirtation that comes my way from you.

  3. Adorable quilt! I also avoid the television, and what little I do watch on my computer I only see out of the corner of my eye because I always have some small project going (cross stitch, knitting etc.) Plus there are just people who NEED to make stuff!

  4. I have just recently come across your lovely blog and you so inspire me with all your beautiful quilts and other handwork. I too love making stuff, especially quilts, and like you say I also really HAVE to make, even if I don't need another quilt. I don't watch television anymore, preferring to sew, knit or crochet, nothing too complicated though. I shall follow your makes with great interest, I have already learnt so much from your tutorials and color combinations for quilts. May you continue to keep making stuff Beth. You have my very best wishes, Marilyn (from the UK) xxx

  5. You are the real deal. Inspiration galore.

  6. The colors are just fantastic, Beth. That will be a real treasure.

    You do a great job with time management,

  7. Hi!!!! I am so glad that you are here to share your projects and inspire!!!! Love the baby blanket and the quilt!!!! Very pretty!!!!! Thank You

  8. Your baby quilt is just adorable and the quilting on it is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That paisley print is so lovely! And the colour palette is perfect for a girl, it feels really nice and fresh

  10. Thanks for the tips on how to be more productive and for the endless quilty inspiration!

  11. Ahhh, a gingham binding is always a spritely touch, nice job on the quilt and the name on the back is inspired!

  12. I so love Kylie's quilt. The colors are awesome. I have tried to knit but I think I have to many fingers?

  13. love that you have your priorities straight :) Sometimes I want to deliberately turn my back on the dailies so I can more time at my machine.

  14. Great fabric combination in this one - another winner!


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