Friday, June 20, 2014

Cloth Napkins

I've been away this week.
It was Wonderful!
A whole week of FAMILY time in the MOUNTAINS!
When I returned there were things to DO!!!
LOTs of cloth napkins to make.
My older daughter is getting a wedding shower together for
my younger daughter.
Cloth napkins are ON THE AGENDA
and older daughter got stalled.
Using my sewing machine
when I'm NOT AT HOME was a challenge.
EVERY sewing machine is SO unique.
IT's done now.
The napkins are ready!
The food is getting ready!
I quickly added a youtube video
as I worked on the napkins.
It will be a HOMEMADE shower.
The BEST kind.


  1. yes the homemade shower is the best kind. and fabric napkins are great! I love them! I had made a ton of them on my serger. easy peasy and you can put the pedal to the metal and get er done quick.
    my favorite ones were green circles edged on serger with gold thread. when folded they make a Christmas tree. so easy but looks so difficult. enjoy your family time a the shower and congrats to your daughter! both for the one who sews and the one being married.

  2. That IS the best kind of shower! Have fun.


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