Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilt Festival!

It's time for Amy's quilt show again!
I bet I'll be the VERY LAST to enter my quilt.
There are about 650 quilts already!
That's a lot of quilting folks!

This is a scrappy quilt.
My very favorite kind.
It includes one white strip in most blocks
and a HOST of blues and greens.
I was able to include some old fabric
as well as lots of new contemporary prints!

The binding here from connecting threads
pulls it ALL together!

Of course,
the backing is also pieced.
Just a little.

LOVE this blue from Robert Kaufman
called Way out West.

This quilt is going to a high school graduate.
I enjoy making and giving these EACH year.
Sometimes I enlist helpers as I get them together.
I had a few of my friends make some of the blocks in this one.
I like to send a little LOVE to the kids
as they transition into that BIG world we call....


  1. This quilt couldn't be any more perfect! Love the log cabin blocks with those wonderful blues and greens.:)

  2. Color, movement, and style! It must be a Beth Shibley quilt original. Nice going!

  3. What a lovely gift sure to make the graduate feel loved!

    Happy Sewing

  4. I love how this one came together! Nice job!

  5. what a perfect graduation gift; scrappy is my favorite lind of quilt too!!

  6. What a perfect scrappy quilt Beth...sure to be most appreciated by the new grad...those colors are joyful!

  7. I love this quilt, Beth! Such great colors!

  8. Great work - love all those colours!

  9. This is one of my favourite quilts ever!

  10. i too love scrappy quilts, my favourite kind too.
    lovely quilt..
    and a great thing you do each year; do they know how fortunate they all are????

  11. What a great quilt! Including a strip of white in each block gives the quilt such great movement, it looks like ocean waves.


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