Friday, May 2, 2014

A flower garden

This quilt top has waited a LONG time to become a quilt.
The six inch squares of vintage fabrics were ALL TOGETHER.
The batting was cut to size.
They were folded nicely together.
they waited.
a very. long. time.

I'm calling this a FRIDAY finish...

Even though the binding needs to be hand sewn on the backside.
Don't you love that gingham with the flowers??

I love the pieced backing.
(did not love piecing it.)
When you begin making a big quilt
(this one is 88"x88")
you go into it with a LIGHT HEART.
You don't think about the future
You enjoy the moment!!!
It is NOT lighthearted when piecing the BIG backing....
sandwiching the BIG quilt
and then
quilting the BIG quilt!!!
ah well.
It's done now.
I can stop complaining.
I think I'm spoiled.
I've been making too...too many baby quilts!



  1. it's a beautiful (almost) finish! ;) the binding will be fun to finish after all that wrangling through the sewing machine, I would imagine! I do love the gingham with all the sweet floral prints. Nice choice!

    Thanks for joining me for finish it up Friday! :)

  2. I like your choice of binding. Pretty.

  3. Your quilt is really lovely. Those fabrics....:) I don't really enjoy piecing the backing for my larger quilts either, but it gets done eventually so I can actually finish!

  4. Love it! cheery and the binding just adds to that.

  5. Those florals are great, Beth! Nice that you had that all ready for the next step. And I agree, the binding is just the right addition.

  6. Sweet! Love a gingham binding especially in blue :0)
    Nice size too!

    Happy Sewing

  7. I can just imagine how soft this quilt is...

  8. I really enjoy your blog and your thrityness of items!-to quilt- your blog inspired me today to purchase a yellow cotton skirt with some embroidery and beadwork on the front- I may use it as the center of a quilt! cheers!

  9. this is adorable I love the floral back!!! x

  10. So those fabrics.!

    I have made two couch sized quilts over the last year and some pillows, table runner etc. Yesterday had me struggling with a twin sized ( but it could work for a double bed ) measuring about 75 x 95 ( the guideline told me I needed 68 x 90 for a twin ) and I don't have the room for that! I had an extension table next to my dining room table trying to deal with / baste all this so I know what you mean.

  11. This quilt is a true beauty! I think the name you've assigned to it is fitting, as well. I am inspired to create my own spring flower garden now!

  12. This quilt is really beautiful! I love the simplicity and the vintage fabrics, too! Bigger quilts can definitely be a hassle, but they're so great when they are finished :)


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