Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tables need quilts too

Remember last year when I used orphan blocks to make quilts?
This year I'm taking the few that remain...

and turning them into table toppers.
(This one includes someone's paper pieced blocks in the middle...
and some 3" squares from my 3" scrap drawer.
I LOVE my little square drawers!!)
It's a project for an upcoming retreat.
The table toppers will be auctioned off.
I happen to LOVE this one.
Maybe it will be "forgotten" at home.

This one's a little bit bigger.
I made these blocks a long time ago
as I BEGAN making a QUILT!!
I did start a quilt.
Sometimes that's ALL that happens.
Now these fun blocks will find a home on someone's TABLE!
A happy ending
for some quilt blocks that THOUGHT they'd been LONG forgotten.
My goal is to make 10-12 of April 10!
When I'm ALL DONE...
I'll have a little show and tell.


  1. You've got square drawers? lol
    Live your table toppers... and how nice of you to make them for a cause. Atta girl!

  2. Hi!!! Very cute and great way to use them!!!


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