Monday, March 3, 2014

Second Christmas tree

I'm still plugging along with my Christmas quilt.
Bit by bit...we'll get there.
If you want to join in you can see the first couple of blocks on
the Christmas quilt along page.
You have to click on links under each photo to make it to the
post you want.
The tree I'm making today involves LITTLE strips.
At the end of this post I will give you another option.

Begin with two 4" squares.

Put them together face to face
and make three diagonal cuts.
Don't make that larger cut corner to corner like I did.
Try and do it like this:
A little BELOW the top corner.
That way you won't lose the top of your tree when piecing.
Open the squares up facing each other.

Insert 3/4" strips .
Use a SLIGHT 1/4" seam.
Leave tails on strips.

Press AWAY from white.
TRIM squares.

Add two 4"x5" white rectangles
and ONE long 3/4" strip.


Lay your pieces on the design wall
Make some more trees if you want!
I'm hoping to make one more TYPE of tree...
figure out how to add snowflakes....
maybe some simple squares along the bottom of the quilt....
Here's another way to construct tree:

Use 1" strips.

Fold in THIRDS and BASTE on machine with very large stitch.

Lay strips on 4" squares.

Use matching thread and machine stitch the strips on.
REMOVE large basting stitch.
The above photo shows the right side complete
and the left side strips READY to be appliqued on.
I'd love to hear from you if you are  playing along with me.
Maybe you'll just make ONE tree and turn it into a pillow!


  1. Think I will make this the easier way!, and probably make two.

  2. Hi!!!! I am playing along!!!!!! And having fun!!!!! I finished Jan and Feb blocks!!!!! They are not perfect and I did the doors on my cabin a little different but I like them!!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!! Here is a link to my blog!!!!! Is there a flickr page or some way we can see others pics somewhere!!!!!!


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